Joel Penney CV

Assistant Professor
School of Communication and Media
Montclair State University

PhD in Communication, 2011
The Annenberg School, University of Pennsylvania
Dissertation: “Body Screen/Body Politic: The Uses of Political T-Shirts in the Digital Age.”


(forthcoming) “Responding to Offending Images in the Digital Age: Censorious and Satirical Discourses in LGBT Media Activism,” Communication, Culture, and Critique.

(2014) “Social Media and Symbolic Action: Exploring Participation in the Red Equal Sign Profile Picture Campaign,” The Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication, published early online (August 12, 2014)

(2014) “Motivations for Participating in Viral Politics: A Qualitative Case Study of Twitter Users and the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election,” Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, published early online (May 7, 2014)

(2014) “(Re)Tweeting in the Service of Protest: Digital Composition and Circulation in the Occupy Wall Street Movement.” (co-authored w/ Caroline Dadas) New Media & Society 16(1), 74-90.

(2013). “Visible Identities, Visual Rhetoric: The Self-Labeled Body as a Popular Medium for Political Persuasion.” International Journal of Communication 6, 2318-2336.

(2012). “‘We Don’t Wear Tight Clothes’: Gay Panic and Queer Style in Contemporary Hip-Hop.” Popular Music and Society 35 (3), 321-332.

(2011). “’KEVIN07’: Cool Politics, Consumer Citizenship, and the Specter of ‘Americanization’ in Australia.” Communication, Culture, and Critique 4(1), 78-96.

(2010). “No Better Way to ‘Experience’ World War II: Authenticity and Ideology in the Call of Duty and Medal of Honor Player Communities.” In Huntemann, N. B & Payne, M. T. (Eds.), Joystick Soldiers: The Politics of Play in Military Video Games, New York & London: Routledge.

(2010). “Restoring Honor, Appropriating Images: The Conservative Movement’s Co-optation of Shepard Fairey’s Obama Portrait.” In Media Res.

(2009). “Brokeback Punchline: The Politics of Joking About Gay Male Identity.” In Drushel, B. & German, K. M. (Eds.), Queer Identities/Political Realities. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press.

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